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Teach for Tech Savvy Future Leaders.

The Computer Science Education concentration is designed to prepare you for a career as a computer science educator.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on and powered by technology, so does the need for technically savvy computer science students. Educating students in computer science teaches both technical skills, as well as transferable creativity, math, reasoning, and critical thinking skills. In this concentration, you’ll explore computer science theory, research, and practice with the goal of translating and transferring this knowledge to youth and adolescents grades K-12.

With our Computer Science education concentration, you will build a toolbox of skills and experience that will help you launch your career as an educator with confidence. Through courses in this concentration, you can:

  • Learn the concepts, techniques, and structures of discrete mathematics necessary for the software engineer.
  • Learn the history and basics of computing, as well as the fundamentals of programming.
  • Study the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Paradigm.
  • Investigate basic topics of differential and integral calculus with a specific emphasis on applications.

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