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Why Minor in Criminal Justice?

With security now a major focus at all levels of government, studying Criminal Justice grants you access to one of society’s most important fields. Whether you are interested in restorative/community justice, crime scene investigation, juvenile justice, or cyber crime, Champlain’s Criminal Justice minor is a great place to start. You’ll acquire valuable insight into essential elements of the criminal process and substantive criminal law that are applicable to many professions.

From the collection and use of the relevant physical evidence of crimes—evidence that can include computer files and financial records—to work in social service, counseling youth, and helping survivors of violence and abuse, a criminal justice background provides highly marketable skills for your résumé. You will also learn to provide clear analysis of criminal law through writing and Apply procedural rules and relevant laws to the collection of physical and/or testimonial evidence and justify whether or not they comply with the applicable constitutional provisions.

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