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Why Minor in Data Analytics?

Innovations in technology have led to an exponential growth in available data, and businesses now find themselves challenged to manipulate, aggregate, analyze, and integrate all that data to inform their business strategy and advance their research and development. Data analytics is the practice of working with this “big data,” and the demand for these skills in the marketplace is outpacing the supply.

Having knowledge in data science is a tremendous asset to any major. Throughout the 18-credit program, you’ll gain introductory skills in data science and analytics, which includes a basic understanding of statistical testing, computer programming, and their relationship to economic concepts often analyzed in the marketplace. The elective courses offered give you a chance to apply your skills in a specific area of interest.

  • Analyze data, test claims, and draw valid conclusions using appropriate statistical methodology.
  • Recognize relationships between data and specific areas of practice such as business, economics, biology, etc.
  • Retrieve, organize, and manipulate data using a variety of analytical tools, and interpret and present—visually, orally, and in writing—valid conclusions drawn from data analysis in a collaborative way.

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