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Why Minor in Family Studies?

Are you interested in the welfare and empowerment of families? Families play a critical role in human development and personal well-being, and a background in family-based work gives you an opportunity to have a positive impact in your community that can last for generations.

Students in Champlain’s Family Studies minor will explore theoretical and practical understandings of the family; the interconnectedness of community, individual development, and family; and the historical, political, and social climates in which families exist.

A minor in Family Studies can provide significant support throughout a career in areas like human services, health services, law, psychology, communications, program development, education, and public policy. In addition to naturally complementing majors like Criminal Justice, Environmental Studies & Policy, Law, Psychology, and Social Work, the Family Studies minor adds a valuable educational component to any major.

Upon completion of this minor, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of individual and family development across the life-span in diverse contexts and changing environments;
  • articulate important concepts, theories, and approaches related to family studies;
  • analyze processes, policies, and contextual factors that affect individuals and families;
  • apply family theories, perspectives, and approaches in a professional setting; and 
  • demonstrate professional, ethical, and culturally sensitive standards of conduct.

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