Game Business & Publishing Learning Outcomes

During your time at Champlain, you’ll immerse yourself in the game industry and the nuances of game development while studying the facets of business as it applies to publishing games.

As a student, you'll work on individual and team projects that make you proud, learn a variety of professional skills from relevant internships, and grow in ways you've never expected. By the time you graduate, you'll be a confident professional with impressive expertise.

As a professional in an ever-changing business sphere, you'll be asked to wear many hats to fill different needs for your company. Here are just a handful of roles that you'll be prepared to fill.

The Skilled Communicator

Champlain Competency: Communication
The Game Business Professional is an effective communicator in all forms: written, verbal, or visual. Whether presenting to business partners, broadcasting to their communities, or drafting research results, they can effectively convey ideas, information, and intentions in a manner that is appropriate to the topic, situation, and audience. They are able to accurately and critically interpret the messages produced by those they are engaged with and provide clear and appropriate responses.

The Collaborative Leader

Champlain Competency: Collaboration; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
The Game Business Professional leverages their collaborative, leadership, and interpersonal skills to effectively organize and manage collaborative relationships in and outside of their organizations. Able to evaluate the intersections, influences, and social contexts of both game communities and the larger world, they make decisions and advocate for policies from a position of shared humanity and openness towards difference.

The Change Agent

Champlain Competency: Creativity; Inquiry; Analysis; Integration
Undaunted by an industry that continuously reinvents itself, the Game Business Professional thinks, works, and responds with a high degree of originality, divergent thinking, and risk taking. Able to identify, formulate, and communicate skillful inquiry, they critically and thoroughly examine their own assumptions and those of others. Equally capable of separating complex issues into component parts and of synthesizing a range of ideas, disciplines, and experiences, the Game Business Professional is a catalyst for positive change.

The Globally Conscious Professional

Champlain Competency: Global & Cultural Understanding
Conscious of the complex, interdependent nature of games and technology, the Game Business Professional is aware of the implications that their actions have on our lives and our planet. They strive to be knowledgeable about the natural, physical, social, cultural, economic, or political systems and contexts surrounding entertainment globally in order to make informed, responsible, and sustainable decisions.

The Data-Driven Strategist

Champlain Competency: Technology & Information Literacy; Science & Quantitative Literacy
Proficient in the ability to find, store, and synthesize data, metrics, and measures, Game Business Professionals are able to answer questions and develop knowledge through the utilization and management of technology. They are confident in interpreting quantitative and qualitative information, applying appropriate mathematical methods to solve problems, and communicating solutions in the appropriate context.

Concentration Learning Outcomes

Business Strategy

The Strategic Innovator
Champlain Competency: Inquiry; Analysis; Integration
Business strategy professionals seek to create new opportunities for innovation in the game marketplace through leadership and keen strategic thinking. Unsatisfied with the status quo, they constantly ask questions that yield new and better ways of doing business, from disruptive new partnerships to more sustainable business practices.

Content & Community

The Influencer
Champlain Competency: Communication; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; Analysis; Integration
Community and content professionals are master communicators and storytellers who are driven by the desire to bring people together. From coordinating content for the latest competitive event to listening to player frustration on social media, collaborating with influencers to being in front of the camera themselves, they put players and communities at the heart of everything they do.

Research & Analytics

The Investigator
Champlain Competency: Science & Quantitative Literacy; Technology & Information Literacy; ;Inquiry; Analysis; Integration
Research and analytics professionals are the champions of informed decision making, whether from qualitative-focused user research to quantitative-focused game analytics. Capable of posing questions that garner insight, gathering information, interpreting and contextualizing it, and clearly articulating those findings to their stakeholders, they are committed to making decisions based on evidence and an understanding of impact.