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Why Minor in Game Programming?

If you want to be involved in the game development process, the Game Programming minor might be for you. Whether you’re a Game Design student looking to become a more-qualified designer or a Computer Science & Innovation student who finds games interesting and wants to expand their programming skills, this 18-credit minor will give you the technical foundation to program games.

  • Gain higher-caliber skills which will enable you to produce more complicated features in your design that will make you a stand out among others.
  • Learn game architecture—all the pieces and parts that go into the game like graphics, audio, artificial intelligence, physics and input (keyboard, mouse, game controller or multi-touch).
  • Be ready to create a game for whatever the next big idea or device is.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the game industry as a programmer making AAA titles, you will want to look at the Game Programming major, as the minor is not as comprehensive.

Courses in the Game Programming Minor

Choose any TWO advanced Game Programming courses.  Must be at the 300 or 400 level.

  • GPR 3XX/4XX Advanced Game Programming Course
  • GPR 3XX/4XX Advanced Game Programming Course

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