Global Studies Minor


Are you interested in a better understanding of what's happening in the world? Do you want new opportunities to act locally, while thinking as a global citizen?

Champlain is committed to ensuring that every student receives an education that includes a global perspective. Through our 18-credit Global Studies minor, students can design their own program, including their Core and travel abroad experiences, in a way that emphasizes and extends the globally aware, culturally diverse, and critically sophisticated aspect of their education.

  • Explore current issues, history, and languages of specific regions and countries around the world.
  • Engage deeply with theories and perspectives on cultural diversity including race, class, gender, and nationality within local and global contexts. 
  • Analyze political, economic, and social dynamics of globalization that will impact you in your professional life and future career.
  • Critically reflect on your social, cultural, and intellectual experiences while studying abroad through an interdisciplinary examination of the concept of global citizenship in the Global Studies Senior Seminar.

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Any student interested in the Global Studies minor should, at the earliest possible date, arrange a meeting by contacting to discuss their course of study.

International experience:

Every student who minors in Global Studies must take part in a significant international experience in an academic context. Examples include traditional one-semester study abroad programs and classes with an embedded travel component. Scholarships may be available for students in need of assistance.


NOTE: Global Studies is an 18-credit minor, and 12 of the credits taken to fulfill it must be unique to the minor—in other words, a student cannot count more than 6 credits to both his/her major program of study (or another minor) and the Global Studies minor.

  • Complete one 3-credit course about the specific region/area where the international experience takes place, or a faculty-led travel course. For international students studying at Champlain College who pursue a Global Studies minor, any COR 200 course or the equivalent would fulfill this requirement.
  • COR 470: Senior Seminar in Global Studies (Please note that this course is only offered in the Fall semester.)
  • COR 280: Colonialism and Western Identity
  • Three Global Studies electives. These may include any COR 330 courses taken in addition to the two required for the Core, as well as a list of electives offered by various Champlain College programs and designated as appropriate for the minor by the Assistant Dean for Global Engagement.