Core Division

You won't find traditional gen ed classes at Champlain. Instead, our innovative Core Curriculum equips you with the ability to ask the right questions, create solutions, and communicate effectively.

A Fresh Take on the Liberal Arts

At Champlain, we bypass the traditional general education model. Our innovative Core Curriculum works hand-in-hand with your chosen program to encourage reasoning, critical thinking and curiosity.

Through project-based research, you’ll practice how to explore the various aspects of any issue — the historical facts, the psychology and culture of the people involved — and learn how to recognize influences beyond the obvious.

Semester after semester, our Core curriculum builds upon itself, equipping you with the ability to ask the right questions, create solutions, and communicate effectively — skills to help you land your first job but also drive your long-term success.

Expand Your Outlook

professor speaks to a group of seated students

New Views

Explore the history and social influences that shape your perspectives. Investigate topics of personal interest, while looking at all the factors that influence it, developing new mindsets and ways of thinking.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Experience cultures different from your own by participating in a study abroad or in the local Burlington community.

Pull It Together

Bring together the knowledge and skills you’ve gained in your core courses and chosen major into one representative capstone project.

It’s important to remember that the college experience is about much more than what a student chooses to major in. Core classes in general … help students think broadly about complicated questions, the richness of human experience, and what it means to live authentically in a globalized world.
Cyndi Brandenburg, Professor in Core and DDL, Special Assistant to the Provost (2023 Jordan trip)

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