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Why Minor in International Business?

In our global economy, for- and nonprofit organizations of every kind increasingly operate internationally or are competing with others that already do.

Having the knowledge and skills to identify opportunities and challenges in navigating a variety of international markets, cultures and geopolitical contexts make expertise in this field a perfect complement for any business-related major. Additionally, the minor is also well-suited for non-business majors who wish to acquire a solid business foundation within the context of a globalized economy. Champlain’s 16-credit International Business Minor will help any internationally-oriented student:

  • Explore what international business “is” as well as the numerous for- and nonprofit career options.
  • Learn and apply fundamental business principles while running a  simulated, virtual business-and competing with other teams for market share.
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of the marketplace, including industry analysis and the implications of decision-making in regional and global contexts.
  • Examine the complex link between international politics, economics and culture and analyze the resulting business opportunities and challenges.

Courses in the International Business Minor

Choose one of the following courses to tailor your minor toward logistics/supply chain (INT 230), marketing (INT 260), or communication (COM 270):

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