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Why Minor in Law?

It’s never been more important for employees to be legal minded. The rules governing how we live and work are increasingly complicated, with new issues-and laws-coming up regularly in the advent of the digital age. Whether IT compliance, copyright infringement law or contracts, there’s much to learn about the law, and the broad-based legal foundation offered in the 18-credit Law minor is a great place to start.

This minor is available to all students. From Business and Criminal Justice to Social Work and Computer & Digital Forensics, this minor will give you the foundational knowledge in legal issues and authority that is not only highly marketable for your resume, but will prepare you for real-world situations with clients and individuals.

  • Gain a legal toolkit that will provide added value to any employer and give you a distinct edge when you enter the job market.
  • Begin with an introduction to law and move through criminal law followed by contracts, torts and family law.
  • Take the opportunity to take a Law course of your choice from the entire offering of courses created for the Law major—assuming you’ve met any prerequisite courses needed to take your chosen class.
  • Dive deeper into an area of the law that fits best with your interest and your major.

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