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Why Minor in Real-Time 3-D Animation?

Through project-based coursework, students in this minor hone the artistic and technical skills needed to create high-quality 3-D animation for use in a variety of real-time media such as games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and virtual film production.

Real-time 3-D (or RT3D) technology allows users to interact with 3-D objects and environments; the images are rendered faster than the human eye can detect, with the output determined by the user’s actions. Champlain’s Real-Time 3-D Animation minor is an especially good fit for students in design-related majors and those who have extracurricular design experience. Learning RT3D animation skills will open up a world of career opportunities.

The industries that use real-time 3-D technologies—such as film and TV, architecture and product visualization, simulations and training, and marketing—are seeing more and more need for professionals with real-time 3-D skills. The experience you build at Champlain will make you a stand-out candidate for these positions.

A portfolio review is required in order to begin taking courses in this minor. Please see your Faculty Advisor with any questions.

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