Division of Communication & Creative Media 

Create the map that guides the viewer through a film’s story.

Compose storylines and construct realities through the development of characters, relationships, plots, and emotions.

The filmmaking industry offers a diverse and exciting range of career options for creative professionals. If you’re inspired by how a well-scripted narrative can transport the listener into a completely new place and time, convey a message, and encourage an emotional reaction, a concentration in screenwriting is for you.

Dive into specific topics within the screenwriting concentration that interest you, such as transmedia storytelling, interactive narrative, and urban india filmmaking. Our Screenwriting concentration is designed to get you career-ready by equipping you with the tools and inspiration to create engaging, powerful scripts through the study of compelling characterization, dialogue, and story structure in multiple genres. You’ll graduate with a solid understanding of screenwriting, and a set of highly valuable specialized skills to help launch your career in film. Through courses in this concentration, you can:

  • Learn about pathways for professional screenwriters, including agents, managers, festivals, and studios.
  • Learn how to structure and write a film script in a series of courses that break down the screenwriting process in detail, from idea creation to dialogue, scene construction, description, action, and the use of imagery.
  • Explore career options in screenwriting and build a diverse and valuable knowledge base through elective courses that cover topics such as interactive narrative, digital marketing, and transmedia storytelling.

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