Division of Information Technology & Sciences 
Computer Science & Innovation

Specialize in advancing development and generating creative software solutions in the constantly-evolving field of technology.

Technology is always advancing and as it does, complex problems arise that require systematic and efficient solutions. By studying software engineering, you’ll learn how to effectively design, evaluate and manage computer solutions.

With a concentration in software engineering, you’ll delve into various aspects of the field. You’ll follow established software development methodologies, learn to reengineer existing software systems, design programs for specialized domains, and effectively document software requirements.

Throughout your studies, you’ll gain hands-on experience building software systems. This includes developing, testing, maintaining, and writing technical documentation. You’ll have the opportunity to analyze, design, implement, verify, and validate software systems, applying software engineering principles to meet specific requirements. You’ll also hone your problem-solving skills, both individually and as part of a collaborative team.

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