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Should I apply to college as an Undeclared major?

A lot of students worry about applying to college without declaring a major. But at Champlain, we believe that applying as an Undeclared major means you have limitless potential and possibilities, and you're just not ready to lock yourself onto one path—that's why we give undecided students a variety of options when they apply.

Whether our students declare their majors early on in their college careers or wait to try out a few paths first, we want each and every one of them to continually explore options and opportunities—and we've created an environment and a culture that doesn't just support that, it encourages it.

If you want to do work you love for a career you're passionate about, but you want to explore all of your options first, you can apply to Champlain as Undeclared without a focus in any one area of study or academic division.

If you have a general idea of what you'd like to study in college but don't know which major would be the best choice, we encourage you to apply Undeclared within a broad area of study: Business, Communication & Creative Media, Social Innovation, or Information Technology & Sciences.

But, if you know exactly what you want to do and can't find one specific major that fits your unique goals, you could create your own major. The Degree Design Lab at Champlain College lets you combine different pathways into one, incredible roadmap to success.

No matter what you choose when you apply Undeclared, our exceptional team of expert faculty members will work with you to select classes where you can explore your interests, skills, and natural abilities.

Undeclared and not sure what you want to study?

At Champlain College, you don't need to know exactly where you're going to get a head start in getting there. Our Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to take a semester or two to explore academic options in several majors and still graduate on time. Depending on the major you eventually choose, you may be able to make up any missing required courses through a strategic schedule that your advisor will help you create.

During your time here, you'll be able to:

  • connect with your professors, peers, and staff members. At Champlain, casual conversations turn into life-changing, career-determining events.
  • take major-specific classes from the start. Our experiential learning model will put you in teams with students from other majors to work on projects where you'll gain team-building skills and more confidence than you ever thought you could get out of one course.
  • meet your Career Coach for all your job and internship needs. They'll discuss your strengths and interests, conduct a series of assessments to help evaluate your personal preferences, and match you with opportunities that best suit your interests.

If you seek guidance during your time at Champlain, you'll get as much of it as you need from the people who know exactly how to help. You'll discover where you want to go, and just how to get there.

Undeclared, but know that you want to study...


As an Undeclared major within the Stiller School of Business (SSB), you'll find the support you need to choose the program that will lead to a career you love—as well as a chance to explore areas of business you never knew existed, like a broad Business Administration degree with a concentration in Business Law, International Business, or the high-growth field of Game Production Management.

Communication & Creative Media?

As an undeclared major in the Division of Communication & Creative Media (CCM), you'll be able to explore your interests in different communication and media fields before you choose a career path. You'll work closely with the CCM assistant dean, who will help you select classes and will continue to be your advisor while you discover more about the fields that interest you. 

Information Technology & Sciences?

The world of technology is vast and has many appealing avenues to pursue. Understanding which path will best allow you to follow your interests and take advantage of your abilities requires equal parts experimentation and expert guidance. As an Undeclared student in the Division of Information Technology & Sciences (ITS), you'll take relevant courses immediately, and quickly discover whether you prefer rigorous programming and technology courses that require a strong aptitude for mathematics, or whether your true passion lies more in front-end aspects of technology.

Social Innovation?

Whether your passions lie with people or the environment, our majors are all game-changers. As an undeclared major in the School of Social Innovation, you'll find the support you need to choose the major that will lead to a career where you can really make a difference. You'll learn about integrated thinking and learning with a focus on service and social justice. You can remain undeclared for your entire first year, and after this process, most students are comfortable working with their faculty advisor to declare a major by their sophomore year.

Undeclared and looking for some expert advice?

As an Undeclared student, it can feel confusing and even overwhelming to figure out your path in college. We're here to point you in the right direction for your interests and your career goals.

We help students refine their interests and passions throughout their college experience. Try out multiple academic programs in your first year, find an internship in our Centers of Experience, take advantage of study and service abroad opportunities—Champlain's agile education is here to help you explore all of the pathways available to you. 

But, if you're feeling nervous to take that first step and apply without declaring a major, ask a question! Someone from our Admission team will put you in touch with the faculty or staff member who can best answer your questions. Or, contact your Admissions Counselor directly to hear all about your choices in a personal, one-on-one format.




The 2021 Fiske Guide to Colleges selected Champlain as one of the "best and most interesting schools" in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.


Champlain was named a "Most Innovative School" by U.S. News & World Report (for the seventh consecutive year!) in its "America's Best Colleges" 2022 rankings.


Burlington, Vermont, our hometown, is ranked the #1 Best College Town by Travel + Leisure magazine.

An advantage to being undeclared is we start advising you immediately... by June, I'm working with those students to figure out what are your interests, what do you want to be studying, and how do we build a schedule to allow you to learn what you want to learn, compare what you want to compare, and figure out what major is the best fit for you.

Dr. Eric Ronis // CCM Assistant Dean for Academics

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