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Undeclared Majors

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You don't need to know where you're going to get a head start in getting there.

There's no rule that says that you need to start your college journey knowing your ultimate destination. Whether our students declare their majors at the outset of their college careers or not, we want each and every one of them to continually explore options and opportunities—and we've created an environment and a culture where they can do just that.

  • Connect with your professors, peers and staff members. At Champlain, casual conversations turn into life-changing, career determining events.
  • Take major-specific classes from the start. Our experiential learning will put you in teams with students from other majors to work on projects where you'll gain team-building skills and more confidence than you ever thought you could get out of one course.
  • Meet your Career Coach for all your job and internship needs. They'll discuss your strengths and interests, conduct a series of assessments to help evaluate your personal preferences, and match you with opportunities that best suit your interests. 

Champlain is one of those places where if you seek guidance, you'll get as much of it as you need, from people who know what's what, and know what it is you need to do to discover where it is you want to go and just how to get there.

Robert P. Stiller School of Business Undeclared Majors

As an undeclared Business major, you'll find the support you need to choose the major that will lead to a career you love—as well as a chance to explore areas of business you never knew existed, such as a broad Business Administration degree with a concentration in Business Law, International Business, or the high-growth field of Game Production Management. A career services advisor dedicated to the Stiller School of Business will meet with you and discuss various career options in majors within the division. You can also speak to the program director or professors in various majors to learn more. After this process, students work with their faculty advisor to declare a major by their sophomore year.

Division of Communication & Creative Media Undeclared Majors

As an undeclared major in the Division of Communication & Creative Media (CCM) you will be able to explore your interests in different communication and media fields before you choose a career path. Champlain's Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to enroll in a variety of classes in different majors during your first two semesters. You'll work closely with the CCM assistant dean who will help you select classes as early as June, before you start in September, and will continue to be your advisor while you discover more about the fields that interest you. A career services advisor, dedicated to the CCM Division, will be available to guide you on your career research and discuss various career options in majors within the division. You can also speak to the program directors and professors in the fields that interest you before declaring your major at the end of your first year.

Division of Education & Human Studies Undeclared Majors

Whether your passions lie with people or the environment, our majors are all game-changers. As an undeclared major in the Division of Education & Human Studies (EHS), you'll find the support you need to choose the major that will lead to a career that allows you to make a difference. You will have an EHS advisor and a career services advisor to support your choice of our majors. During your first semester, you'll take EHS 100: Making Connections with all of your peers within the division. You'll learn about integrated thinking and learning with a focus on service and social justice. Later on in your college career, you'll take EHS 200: Hot Topics Seminar or EHS 210:Social Justice Intensive. You will also take "Concepts of Self" and "Rhetoric of the Self", as part of the Core Curriculum, during your first semester to help with self-expression and self-identity. In addition, you will take the psychology course "The Learning Curve," to help further your exploration in regard to your own learning. You can remain undeclared for your entire first year, and after this process, most students are comfortable working with their faculty advisor to declare a major by their sophomore year. Social justice matters to EHS students. 

Division of Information Technology & Sciences Undeclared Majors

The world of technology is vast and has many appealing avenues to pursue. Understanding which path will best allow you to follow your interests and take advantage of your abilities requires equal parts experimentation and expert guidance. The Upside-Down Curriculum allows students to experience different aspects of various programs starting in their first semester. By taking ITS courses immediately, Champlain students in the Division of Information Technology & Sciences quickly discover whether they prefer rigorous programming and technology courses that require a strong aptitude for mathematics, or whether their true passion lies more in front-end aspects of technology. Additionally, an advisor is assigned to every undeclared major in the Division of Information Technology & Sciences. This faculty member works extensively with each student to ensure that he or she is in the best program environment in which to thrive.


Ask a question, and someone from our Admission team will put you in touch with the faculty or staff member who can best answer your questions.

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