Division of Communication & Creative Media 
Graphic Design & Visual Communication

Specialize in using visual design and create eye-catching visuals to execute messaging, branding, and information sharing across platforms.

While a background in graphic design and visual communication can take you into almost any industry, directly focusing on using visual elements to convey messages and meaning is a very popular career path.

Visual communication designers are part translators, part problem solvers, part graphic designers. They execute messaging, branding, and information dissemination using visual design that aligns with organizational guidelines. While graphic designers convey a specific message in each project, visual communication designers conceptualize a unified voice across various projects and various platforms. As visual communication designers advance in their careers, oftentimes, their roles evolve and elevate from design and project execution to creative direction and campaign development. This concentration is intentionally designed for career advancement and critical thinking scaffolding.

Dive into fascinating topics like the relationship of typography to imagery and design systems, and apply your skills to hands-on visual communication projects. With our Visual Communication concentration, you will develop your analytical skills and build a toolbox of traditional and contemporary resources that can be implemented in a variety of career settings, such as art and creative directors, information architects, and UX/UI designers.

Courses in the Visual Communication Concentration

VCD 290 Design Systems I
VCD 301
VCD 470 Projects in Visual Communication Design
VCD 490 Apprenticeship in Graphic Design

Choose one of the following courses:

  • COM 110: Public Speaking
  • COM 220: Communication and Ethics
  • COM 230: Small Group Communication
  • COM 270: Intercultural Communication

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