Students applying to the Filmmaking (BFA) major should demonstrate an ability to portray an engaging story or idea through video, writing, or photography. Samples should highlight their passion, style, and point of view. Please contact your Admissions Counselor for specific questions on the Filmmaking (BFA) Portfolio Review requirement.

To be fully considered for admission into the Filmmaking (BFA) major, you must submit one of the following to Slideroom for the Portfolio Review:

  • A video or movie upload that is up to five minutes in length or 120MB in size, OR
  • A hyperlink or links to original video or film work (e.g., on Vimeo or YouTube), OR
  • 3–5 page film script or short story that captures your storytelling abilities, OR
  • 5-7 pieces of visual work (drawing, photography, digital art) that showcase your ability to think and express yourself visually.
  • Upload your files to Slideroom and finish the application by answering the last questions about yourself in the online form.


  • We are looking for students who have a creative spark, ideas and passion they want to share with the world. We don’t expect technical perfection. There are so many different elements of filmmaking, no one knows it all. We look for students with a desire to learn and grow.

  • Please use the following file formats to submit Portfolio Review items to Slideroom:

    • JPG (5MB limit)
    • PNG (5MB limit)
    • GIF (5MB limit)
    • MOV (60MB limit)
    • WMV (60MB limit)
    • FLV (60MB limit)
    • PDF (10MB limit)
    • MP3 (10MB limit)

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