Federal & State Grants

A grant can come from the federal or state government, an outside organization, or your school. Grants typically do not need to be paid back except for in certain cases, such as withdrawal from your degree program.

For the most detailed and up-to-date information on the federal aid programs listed below, visit the Department of Education's website at studentaid.gov.

  • Federal Pell Grant: The Pell Grant, a need-based fund awarded to undergraduate students, does not have to be repaid. The grant amount is based on the FAFSA Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG): The Federal SEOG grant is awarded to Pell Grant recipients with exceptional financial need and it does not have to be repaid. The grant amount is based on available funding.

State Aid Programs

State grant programs offer assistance based on

  1. residency
  2. financial need, and
  3. academic performance.

For students from Vermont, Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) offers the Vermont Incentive Grant to families with financial need, and VSAC-assisted scholarships to students who meet eligibility criteria.

Residents of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania who are eligible for a state grant can use those funds to attend Champlain, so be sure to follow the application process to receive state funds.

For students from other states, Champlain recommends checking with your state agency for funding opportunities.