Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study Program is an employment program funded by the federal government and Champlain College. The program allows students to earn money to help with the costs of attending Champlain. The jobs are on-campus or at certain off-campus nonprofit organizations that contract with the College.

Federal work-study is awarded to students with financial need as part of the financial aid award letter. Students are eligible to earn wages up to the amount listed on the award letter. The amount of each student's award varies, up to a maximum award of $3,000, based on financial need and availability of funds. On average, students work 10–12 hours a week. Students are paid an hourly rate and receive paychecks every two weeks for the hours worked. Eligibility for the program is reviewed annually and federal work-study jobs are only available during the academic year (August–April).

This funding does NOT credit the student's bill, so it should not be counted toward paying the bill when determining the balance due after financial aid. The earnings are paid directly to the student based on hours worked.

Students are responsible for researching the jobs and finding employment. Champlain College does not place students into jobs and cannot guarantee that every student who receives an offer of federal work-study as part of their financial aid will find a job. It is the student's responsibility to actively search and apply for open positions. Champlain College emphasizes career preparation, and teaching students to search for and secure a federal work-study job can be an important step toward career success.