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Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Fun Fact About Me I spent my 20's commuting by bicycle out on the West Coast before moving to VT, and I baked artisan bread professionally for 5 years.
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Megan Pow Sheldon, M.Ed, PCC, CPCC is a happy and successful ICF-certified coach, professional educator, instructional coach, and licensed dance fitness instructor who loves supporting Champlain students as an Academic Coach.

Megan is known for her big laugh, her zest for life, and her commitment to working at the crossroads of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. She’s passionate about social justice and liberation, radical goodwill, and wellness for all.

As a voracious and neuro-spicy learner whose executive function skills were not well-developed in college (read: my papers were not turned in on time), Megan is passionate about helping people develop the organizational skills, self-awareness, and embodied habits that deeply support a well-lived academic and professional life.

In addition to her role at Champlain, Megan maintains a thriving private coaching practice specializing in ADHD-friendly, holistic productivity and academic wellness coaching. She also teaches lively, inclusive dance fitness classes that have become a community touchstone. (

All of Megan’s work aligns with her life’s mission: helping creative people (in college and beyond) build joyful, productive and satisfying lives filled with delight and significance, in connection with the natural world and marked by the accomplishments that matter most – to them.

What are your hobbies?

Dance fitness, yoga, gardening, traveling, reading, writing, baking apple pie, hanging out with friends, and trying new restaurants

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