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Learn the why behind our thoughts and actions.

Study human behavior, explore the latest behavioral neuroscience theories and applications, and build a solid theoretical, empirical and practical foundation for your future career through the versatile Psychology program at Champlain.

What Is Psychology?

Psychological studies provide a fascinating lens for seeing and understanding the world around you. Psychologists look to explore and explain how people think, feel, and behave. If you’ve wondered about things like why world leaders make the decisions they do, how and why weather affects our moods, or how happiness happens in the brain, we invite you to investigate answers with us at Champlain.

Why Study it at Champlain?

Like all of Champlain’s academic programs, Psychology is grounded in hands-on learning that puts you at the center of your studies. You’ll have the support of faculty and career counselors to explore the field and uncover your calling. The curriculum includes two internships throughout your time at Champlain—one during your second year and the other during your fourth year—to expand learning beyond the classroom and build professional experience. All for academic credit.

Recognizing the breadth and depth of the psychology field, the program includes your choice from one of three concentrations to begin narrowing your area of study by your third year. They are:

  • Health & Wellbeing: Learn more about the skills and the different approaches that a psychologist can use to promote and support personal wellbeing—exploring different approaches to counseling, music therapy, expressive writing, etc.
  • Social Change/Social Impact: Learn how to build, evaluate, and apply different types of interventions, targeting specific societal problems and using the science of psychology to impact change
  • Flex Path: Work closely with a Psychology faculty member to specifically customize your degree focus to your personal desires. You will receive tailored support to design your ideal curriculum with the intent of maximizing your résumé to fit with your long-term goals.
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Different by Design

Get Professional Experience

This professionally focused program requires two internships before you graduate, giving you real-world experience before your career even starts.

Built-In Career Support

Early in your studies, faculty integrate Career Collaborative services into the classroom to build both your professional experience and confidence.

Our Behavioral Neuroscience Lab

You’ll have opportunities to participate in graduate-level research in the Behavioral Neuroscience Lab with faculty, who frequently include students as co-authors on their published research.

Find Your Calling, Focus Your Studies

Explore any of three concentrations to ground your psychological studies in the area you’re most drawn to.


of Psychology graduates in the Class of 2023 achieved career success within six months of graduation. That’s success you can see.


The annual median salary of psychologists in 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


of all published Behavioral Neuroscience Lab research includes students as co-authors, giving them an advantage in future career opportunities.

Sample Courses in the Psychology Major

Our Psychology curriculum is designed to give you a foundation for understanding of the human mind, behavior, and the scientific study of psychology. From there, you’ll dive into specific topics and have the ability to tailor your learning to focus on the specific areas and applications of psychological science you’re passionate about. Check out some of the engaging and hands-on courses in our program.


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Career Success

Our Psychology students graduate with valuable professional experiences and a breadth of knowledge. 100% of Psychology majors in the Class of 2023 achieved career success.

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By the time you graduate, you will …

  • Justify your own and evaluate others’ actions using the general ethical principles of the American Psychological Association as a framework.
  • Apply major psychological concepts, theoretical perspectives, and empirical findings to personal, social, organizational, and professional issues.
  • Use a historically informed and culturally sensitive perspective when applying psychology to personal and professional situations.
  • Design, conduct, analyze, and interpret basic and applied psychology research.

You’ll Find a Career In…

  • Clinical psychology
  • Addiction & intervention strategies
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Product design & development
  • Child psychology & family counseling
  • Neuroscience research
  • Law enforcement & criminal justice

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