Campus Contacts & Resources

Does the student need immediate assistance?


The student has made direct threats to harm themselves and/or others. The conduct is reckless, disorderly or threatening.

Call 911 or

Campus Public Safety (802) 865-6465

Campus Public Safety will respond and reach out ot appropriate campus resources as needed.

Not Sure.

Indicators of distress are observed by severity is unclear. Your interaction left you feeling uneasy or concerned about the student.

When in doubt, spread it out.

Err on the side of caution and consult:

Campus Resources Phone Number
Accessibility (802) 865-5764
Counseling & Accommodations (802) 651-5951
Housing & Residential Life (802) 860-2704
Student Health Center (802) 860-2711
Campus Public Safety (802) 865-6465



You may not be concerned for the student's immediate safety, but you are concerned that the student has significant academic and/or personal issues.

All of the resources above and/or perhaps:

Campus Resources Phone Number
Enrollment Service Center (802) 860-2741
Academic Coaching (802) 865-6422