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Client/Partner: InVision Communications (IVC)

About the Project

The Challenge: As a way to extend the efforts of their in-house innovation team, InVision Communications (IVC), an audience engagement company focusing on digital strategy and large-scale events, asked the EMC explore data visualization in a “metaverse-inspired” world.

The Solution: The team set out to create a flexible, interactive and collaborative 3D visualizations in XR (extended reality) out of multidimensional data.

By leveraging a game engine to produce a series of data visualization concepts and prototypes, the team is pushing the boundaries of existing methods. In these AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) prototypes (working title: VizBoXR), users can represent, interact, and manipulate data in unique, novel, and intuitive ways in 3D space.

Working with the students on this project is alumna Jane Adams! We’re ecstatic to welcome Jane back to the EMC, this time as its inaugural Doctoral Fellow in Immersive Analytics and Exploratory Data Visualization. Jane is a two-time Champlain alum (BFA ’15, MFA ’18) and is now a Computer Science Ph.D. student in the Data Visualization Lab at Northeastern University’s Khoury College.

InVision Communications (IVC)