Champlain’s BFA program in Filmmaking prepares students to succeed in their fields of choice within the filmmaking industry.

Through hands-on projects, classroom learning, and immersive industry experiences, students in Champlain’s Filmmaking major build the wide variety of technical and professional skills they’ll need throughout their careers.

Graduates from the Filmmaking program will be able to:

  • Analyze the historical and theoretical foundations of filmmaking;
  • Create film work that manifests the filmmaker’s unique voice;
  • Analyze story structure and the screenwriting process for use in the critique and creation of film;
  • Apply current best practices in cinematography;
  • Apply current best practices in editing language and visual effects;
  • Effectively manage the resources and logistics required to produce a film;
  • Collaborate as a member or leader of a filmmaking team;
  • Evaluate the ethical implications inherent in filmmaking practices;
  • Analyze one’s own interests and skills in the context of filmmaking industry challenges and opportunities in order to help formulate career goals; and
  • Analyze the relationship between film and other art forms and intellectual disciplines.