Division of Communication & Creative Media 

Cinematography Concentration

The filmmaking industry is incredibly broad, and offers a wide range of career paths. If you’re a storyteller who is interested in “how” a shot appears on film, concentrating on cinematography will prepare you for the exciting and competitive field of cinematography. Focusing your studies on cinematography will help you build your on-set toolbox of technical skills, foster your creativity, and deepen your knowledge of cinematic techniques.

From the pre-visualization of the image to the final color grade, our Cinematography concentration provides a deep dive into camera work and creating the video images you want. While you learn the essential career skills you’ll need to be a director of photography or gaffer, you’ll use professional cameras and lighting gear, and employ professional color-grading software to perfect your captured image. Choose from elective courses to further tailor your cinematography education from topics like urban indie filmmaking, experimental motion image, and video field production. Through courses in this concentration, you can:

  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of cinematography professions, like digital image technicians, in production.
  • Learn and practice the craft of cinematic techniques, such as the use of atmospheric lighting, integration of camera and production design, and complex camera movements.
  • You will get on-set and hands-on producing short works in both field and studio environments as part of your courses.

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