Start writing your next exciting chapter on day with our hands-on Upside-Down Curriculum. The Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media program blends professional practice and flexibility so you can pursue collaborative projects that inspire you.

Upon completion of their academic requirements, graduates of Champlain College’s undergraduate Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media program will be prepared to launch their careers.

  • Analysis and Critique: Experience, interpret, and evaluate (articulate merits and shortcomings) diverse interactive narrative works over a range of media, including one’s own works.
  • Technological Adaptability: Adopt and apply technology to a wide range of creative and practical narrative problems by researching, prototyping, and iterating on workable solutions that connect people to people, and people to their technology and back again.
  • Collaboration: Work with colleagues, clients, and the audience toward a shared cohesive goal by listening to empathize, and leading to rouse and convince, knowing when to lead, when to listen, and when to follow.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Develop new ideas, methods, or products through constant questioning and iteration of process and practice; fearless openness to new ideas and possibilities; and authentic voice.
  • Interactive Communication: Write and communicate at a professional level for a spectrum of audiences and media in the interactive sphere, exemplifying excellence in a range of styles from fiction to marketing to user interface, using the appropriate language for situation and medium.
  • Career Readiness: Sets off on a chosen career path, prepared for the emergent and the unexpected, capable of articulating their abilities and strengths and the means to demonstrate them through a representative portfolio of work.

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