Seniors in the Broadcast Media Production program spent the year working on five mini documentaries, delving into Māori culture, sexual assault on college campuses, Vermont diners, sheet music, and the Burlington “basement” music scene.

On Wednesday, May 6, our talented Champlain College seniors presented their 2020 Senior Video Showcase, streaming live to a wide audience, and under the auspices of Burlington’s Media Factory. All the films will be aired on RETN throughout the summer, and are featured below.

Carving New Paths: A Māori Story

The history of many countries often includes the suppression of native cultures. Julia Leonard and Kevin Kukla went to New Zealand on a study abroad program and part of their education focused on the culture of the native Māori people. The filmmakers introduce viewers to the Māori in their native land, and also tell a story of the Maori’s visit to Champlain when they bestowed a special gift to the College—pictured above.

“Carving New Paths: A Māori Story” was produced by seniors Julia Leonard and Kevin Kukla.

Who is She?

Research indicates that up to 1 in 4 women in college experience sexual assault. The Me Too movement, along with recent news events, has given some hope that there will be more reporting of assault cases and more women who find justice. Lindsay Mulligan, Annabel Pike, and Olivia Cefalu interviewed their own friends who are survivors and asked a key question: ‘Has anything really changed?’

“Who is She” was produced by seniors Lindsay Mulligan, Annabel Pike, and Olivia Cefalu.

Order Up

Diners are an American classic. They are restaurants—born in the 20th century—where comfort food and atmosphere give customers a sense of home. Seniors Connor Decker, Noah Matson, and Jeremy Gabor set out to capture the culture of diners in Vermont and explain why they’re so important to so many people.

“Order Up” was produced by Connor Decker, Noah Matson, and Jeremy Gabor.

Forget Me Not Vermont

These days, we can download just about any music we want in seconds. So it might seem quaint that music once came to people in a very different way—by the distribution of sheet music. Seniors Travis Washington, Charlie Dalgleish, and Luke Rebman tell the story of a prominent collection of sheet music housed in the Champlain College Library Archives—one that reveals a lot about life in the Green Mountain State for nearly a century.

“Forget Me Not” was produced by Travis Washington, Charlie Dalgleish, and Luke Rebman.

Do It Yourself

Seniors Nathaniel Hart and Griffin Paul Moran take viewers into the “basement” music scene in Burlington.

“Do It Yourself” is produced by Nathaniel Hart and Griffin Paul Moran.

Over the course of the semester, students visit the Media Factory to pitch their projects, share work-in-progress with RETN Executive Director Jess Wilson, and receive feedback. These mini documentaries are the end result of the students’ hard work and talent.

Interested in learning more about our Broadcast Media Production Program and creating pieces like the ones featured above? Click here.

Kaylee Sullivan

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