Study Abroad

We highly encourage and support our CCM students to take a semester of international study. Pulled out of your comfort zone, you will come to appreciate the nuances of other cultures and how critical it is to be sensitive to them no matter where you are in the world. You'll also become a more nuanced producer of multimedia, filmmaking, writing, graphic design and broadcast based on your exposure to an international array of communication and media options.

You have the option to study abroad at one of the Champlain Abroad campuses during your junior year, in either Montreal, Canada or Dublin, Ireland. In Dublin, many students explore printmaking and the European art styles through galleries. You'll learn how Celtic history impacted medieval letterform and manuscripts and how Christian iconography has influenced writing and book design in the course Culture and Design. You can explore Dublin and write about your adventures in Writing the City: Dublin, and study the Irish musical and film traditions and literature in classes like The Dublin Literary Experience, Irish Culture Through Film and Ceol na Heireann: Cultural Immersion through Music.

In Montreal, students have the opportunity to explore media industries, from film and game production to interactive media. Students can enhance their international communication skills through a number of communication classes, and there is an extensive offering of game development courses available for students in the Game Art & Animation and Game Design programs. Many Graphic Design students take Duality, Design and Dissent where you'll study Montreal's unique design landscape through its architecture, signs, graffiti and marketing campaigns; and Apprenticeship in Graphic Design, where through hands-on immersion you'll work off-site with a team of designers eight hours a week applying what you've learned inside the classroom to professional projects. In addition to spending a semester in Montreal, many of our students seek internships to complete during their semester abroad at local game and film studios. Filmmaking students can also participate in the Montreal Summer Film Program.

Alternatively, you can take a semester studying nearly anywhere in the world, including Argentina, China, Italy, New Zealand and Scotland. CCM students have previously studied abroad in Italy, England, France, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Portugal and New Zealand.

Working closely with your Program Director, you will be able to accommodate a semester abroad, which could potentially include an international internship, while satisfying all of the required coursework for your major.

Explore the Global Marketplace

"Global Appreciation" has emerged as an essential competency employers seek. Champlain has taken a proactive approach to cultivating this competency by ensuring that international learning is embedded in the College's curriculum.

Additionally, Champlain offers opportunities for every student to engage in a study-abroad experience. To that end, we designed the curriculum of our majors to support a semester of international study. What does this mean to you? You can study in another country, even complete an internship, and still graduate on time.

Living and studying in another country will make you a more culturally aware citizen, and an internationally engaged and cross-culturally sensitive professional.

A World of Options:

    • Champlain College's Dublin Campus attracts students from diverse majors and is the ideal starting point for further exploration of Ireland, Europe and points beyond.

    • Montreal, home to another Champlain Campus, is ranked as one of the world's "hippest" cities by the New York Times. Our program is known for cutting-edge academics and internship placements in a city famous for its innovative economy.

    • In addition to our own Champlain Abroad program, students have the following choices available to them:

      • Third-Party Study Abroad: Champlain's Office of International Education will help you through the steps to study in the location you want.
      • International Internships: Some of the approved study-abroad programs offer internship opportunities. If you wish to arrange a "stand alone" international internship (without taking courses at that institution), please contact your Dean about this process. 
      • Exchange Program:  Champlain has a partnership with five international schools. While Burlington students immerse themselves in either New Zealand, Scotland, France, the Netherlands or Morocco, we will welcome students from our exchange partners for a semester or full academic year.
      • Faculty-Led Courses: Champlain also offers faculty-led courses. These courses change year to year, and faculty member will promote these particular offerings on campus. Many entail a semester course that spends a break or a couple weeks in the summer abroad. For more information, contact the Office of International Education.