Study Abroad

We highly encourage our CCM students to take a semester of international study. Immersing yourself in another country and experiencing the local culture is a great way to truly expand your global perspective. You'll also become a more nuanced producer of multimedia content based on your exposure to an international array of communication and media options.

You have the option to study abroad at one of the Champlain Abroad campuses during your junior year, in either Montreal, Canada or Dublin, Ireland.

  • In Dublin, many students explore printmaking and traditional European art styles through gallery visits. You'll learn how Celtic history impacted medieval letterform and manuscripts and how Christian iconography has influenced writing and book design in the course Culture and Design. You can explore Dublin and write about your adventures in Writing the City: Dublin. Study Irish music, film, and literature traditions in classes like The Dublin Literary Experience, Irish Culture Through Film, and Ceol na Heireann: Cultural Immersion through Music.
  • In Montreal, students have the opportunity to explore various media industries including film, game production, and interactive media. Students can enhance their international communication skills through a number of communication classes, and there is an extensive offering of game development courses available for students in the Game Art and Game Design programs. Many Graphic Design & Visual Communication students take Duality, Design, and Dissent—a class in which students examine Montreal's unique design landscape through its architecture, signs, graffiti, and marketing campaigns. In Apprenticeship in Graphic Design, students work off-site with a team of designers eight hours a week applying what they've learned inside the classroom to professional projects.  

In addition to spending a regular semester in Montreal, many of our Filmmaking and Broadcast Media Production students also participate in the Montreal Summer Film Program.

Alternatively, you can take a semester studying nearly anywhere in the world. Champlain has exchange partnerships in Argentina, China, Italy, New Zealand, and Scotland. Through approved third-party programs, CCM students have also studied abroad in Australia, Brazil, England, France, Portugal, and South Africa.

Faculty-led travel courses offer another great way to experience a new location and culture. You'll travel abroad for a shorter amount of time—for instance, one or two weeks—but will have the context of studying the region with your instructor and classmates before you arrive.

Working closely with your Faculty Advisor, you will plan your semester abroad to ensure you enjoy your time and meet the requirements of your major.