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Dublin Calling: Unleash Your Potential in Europe’s Dynamic Hub

Dublin is a vibrant business and design hub, and a as a gateway to Europe, you’ll be able to travel to many cities, countries, and diverse cultures beyond its borders. By choosing Champlain’s Dublin campus, you’ll gain a unique international perspective on growing professions along with our strong global network of exceptional internship opportunities.

The dynamic city of Dublin, Ireland, offers a stimulating academic and cultural environment where you can build upon the person you are toward the person you want to be.

a large group of students and people lining the hall of a large, classic library in dublin

Why Dublin?

Dynamic Academic & Cultural Scene

Dublin is a hub for education and the arts, offering a stimulating environment to explore diverse disciplines and immerse yourself in a rich cultural heritage.

Gateway to Europe

Strategically located in Europe, Dublin offers easy travel to nearby countries, providing opportunities to embrace diverse cultures and broaden your global perspectives.

Thriving Business & Innovation

Dublin’s dynamic business and technology landscape offers internship opportunities, allowing you to gain real-world experience and a competitive edge in your career.

Welcoming, Student-Friendly City

Known for its friendly locals and youthful atmosphere, Dublin offers a warm and inclusive environment for students from around the world.

Historic Charm & Modern Vibes

Dublin’s historic landmarks coexist harmoniously with modern amenities, creating a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary excitement for a well-rounded study abroad experience.

Where History, Arts & Education Meet

There’s far more to Ireland than just its largest city. The green fields, the majestic mountains, the rugged landscapes, west coast, and the ancient burial tombs of the Boyne Valley will enchant you like no other place can.
stephen robinson
Dr. Stephen Robinson, Director of the Dublin Campus

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