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Discover Montreal: Your Gateway to Global Perspectives

Embark on a transformative study abroad experience at Champlain College’s Montreal campus. As a resident of EVO Residence Hall, Montreal will become home and you’ll experience life as a local rather than a tourist. You’ll have time to check out the vibrant arts scene. Or maybe find the best nooks and crannies that are off the beaten path. Explore local markets, cultural attractions, and the Lachine Canal.

Experience this unique blend of the North American and European ways of life as you build a new layer of yourself — a layer full of rich memories and new stories.

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Why Montreal?

Student Friendly

The city’s vibrant art, music, and food scenes create a student-friendly atmosphere, with customized activities and many discounts to inspire you.

Multicultural City

Montreal’s diverse and inclusive environment fosters global understanding while offering unique festivals, cuisines, and a rich history for you to explore.

Bilingual Environment

Experience everyday bilingualism in French and English with easy access to downtown Montreal’s cultural attractions and personal connections with locals.

Global Career Opportunities

The city’s social and professional events provide networking opportunities that can lead to jobs and internships in a variety of industries and the growing technology sector.

Nearby Natural Spaces

Located close to the city, you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor activities at nearby sites such as Mount Royal Park and the Lachine Canal.

Where Art, Tech, and Culture Collide

The Champlain Montreal campus makes the most of this environment by connecting students to local industries and bringing a wealth of knowledge to campus through teachers and speakers who are experts and professionals in their respective domains.
Genevieve Lord
Genevieve Lord, Director of the Montreal Campus

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