Study Abroad

The information technology community is truly global; technological advances continue to transcend borders and distance.

Your customers or clients may be spread throughout the world, and even the colleagues you work with most closely can live thousands of miles away. We highly encourage and support our students in the Division of Information Technology & Sciences to take a semester of international study. It's an incredibly valuable learning experience. Pulled out of your comfort zone, you will further appreciate the nuances of other cultures and how critical it is to be sensitive to them, no matter where you are in the world.

You'll have the option to study abroad at one of our Champlain Abroad campuses during your junior year, in either Montreal, Canada, or Dublin, Ireland. In Dublin, many students take the Mobile Device Forensics course, where you'll learn how to identify, preserve, analyze, and examine mobile device data and reports. Students also take System Analysis and Design, where they learn how to translate client expectations to technical specifications. In Montreal, students can enroll in Game Studio II, Game Physics, and other tech courses taught by professionals of the industry. Alternatively, you may be able to spend a semester studying nearly anywhere in the world through an exchange or third-party program.

Working closely with your Program Director, you will be able to accommodate a semester abroad—which could potentially include an international internship—while satisfying all of the required coursework for your ITS program.

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