Barbara Colombo
Affiliated with Psychology

With her fifteen years of teaching experience in psychology at the university level, Dr. Barbara Colombo strongly believes that college is a wonderful and exciting life experience for the student. She leads each student to learn not only concepts, but also practical skills that he or she can use both in everyday and professional life. One of her main research interests is creativity— and she applies it to every class. Do not expect a traditional lesson when you are attending one of her courses!

Apart from teaching psychology, Dr. Colombo has been applying neuroscience techniques both in research labs and medical settings (including hospitals, assisted-living communities, and physical rehabilitation centers). She also has many years of experience empowering the life skills of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors —often with the support of music therapy.

Dr. B is known for being quite eclectic. She went both to conservatory to study viola da gamba (an instrument that she plays regularly in ancient music ensembles, contemporary music groups, and Rock bands) and to culinary school (you may occasionally find homemade cookies in her office).

She has a strong passion for statistics (sad but true) and American Football.