Murat Gungor: Champlain College Faculty headshot
Murat Gungor
Affiliated with App Development, Computer Science and Innovation, Division of Information Technology & Science

Dr. Gungor will be on Sabbatical during the Fall 2023 Semester

Dr. Gungor received his Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer and Information Science (2006 and 2001 respectively) from Syracuse University in New York, and his B.Sc. degree from Industrial Engineering (1998) from Sakarya University in Turkey. Prior to joining Champlain College, he has taught Software Engineering courses at Bilkent University and TOBB University in Ankara, Turkey. He has also worked in the industry by holding different positions from researcher and software engineer to project manager and director level assignments. His main area of expertise includes object oriented programming, software architecture, design and development, structural analysis, and quality improvement.

Why software engineering? Why teaching?

One of my passions is to remove barriers and difficulties and make life easier for others. And software is one of the exceptional tools to achieve this. With the right software solutions, you can positively impact so many lives. However, building the right software demands qualified people, and qualified people are only possible with quality education. With years of professional experience, I know the expectations of the software industry. For this reason, I joined the teaching force to share my knowledge and experience to educate and train future software engineers to join me in removing barriers and difficulties and making the lives of others easier.


"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you get polished?"