Meg Jones, professor of Education at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont
Meg Jones
Affiliated with Education

Meg Jones joined Champlain College having received their PhD in Education from the University of Rhode Island in Spring 2023. Meg's research interests include queer and trans inclusion in preservice teacher education, queer and trans topics in K-16 education, literacy for PK-16, and qualitative research methods.

They have over ten years of experience in education including as an elementary and early childhood classroom teacher, district level technology integration coach, professional development facilitator, college course instructor for literacy courses and qualitative methods, and international research fellow.

Meg was the recipient of a Fulbright Finland Foundation grant (2021-2022) and American-Scandinavian Foundation fellowship (2022-2023), each of which funded a year living and researching in Finland. Meg brings these experiences to Champlain to connect local and global communities while ensuring future teachers are ready for diverse classrooms.

Meg's educational philosophy is rooted in critical approaches to teaching and learning, drawing from the works of bell hooks, Judith Butler, and Paulo Freire. In the classroom, Meg practices "engaged pedagogy" (hooks, 1994) which prioritizes the wellbeing and empowerment of students.

  • Elementary Education
  • Literacy Pk-12
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Queer Theory
  • Digital Literacy
  • Preservice Teacher Education
Select Publications

Using Digital and Media Literacies to Expand Global Perspectives BY STEPHANIE BRANSON AND MEGAN JONES | Feb 23, 2018

Embodied Literacies of Sexuality and Gender of College Students Journal of Language and Literacy Education Vol.17 Issue 2 | Fall 2021, by Meg C. Jones, Annemarie Vaccaro, Ryan A. Miller, Rachael Forester, Rachel Friedensen, Ezekiel W. Kimball, & Desiree Forsythe