Meg Jones, professor of Education at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont
Kathleen Legg
Affiliated with Education, School of Social Innovation

After graduating with an Economics degree from Harvard University, Kathleen fell into a career of teaching and has never looked back. Kathleen earned her Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Mathematics from University of Colorado, Boulder. She's taught mathematics to children since '93 in Colorado, Vermont, and internationally in London and the Hague. She also teaches science and in 2014 was recognized as VASE Science Teacher of the year.

Kathleen moved from teaching children in the classroom into a K-8 coaching role for Champlain Valley School District. This experience renewed her passion for math education and the importance of making mathematics meaningful and accessible for all learners. Kathleen has a passion for supporting teachers to be the best teachers of mathematics that they can be, regardless of their own mathematical journey.

  • Middle School Math Education
  • Elementary Math Education