Academic & Career Support

Like everything at Champlain, academic and career support comes with a personal touch. We want to get to know you, hear about your dreams and aspirations, and then help you develop a personalized plan to make those dreams come true.

You get the most out of academic and career support by building great relationships, so seek support early by connecting with advisors, mentors, and coaches through our Academic and Career Support channels.

Academic Advising is about more than just helping you fill out your schedule. At Champlain, your faculty advisor helps connect your education to your future career. Your  Academic Specialist in the Registrar's Office works in partnership with you and your faculty advisor to help you plan your four years and stay on the path toward graduation.

Career Collaborative helps you put your plan into action, finding internships that bridge your academic focus and your career goals, so that after your undergraduate years, you are well positioned to land a good job in your chosen field.

Rely on our comprehensive Academic and Career Support to get the most out of your time at Champlain.