Global Experiences In Degree Design Lab

Global experience is essential to integrated learning.

The Degree Design Lab (DDL) is predicated on experiential learning and Champlain College's values. Spending a semester in a different country is an ideal way to develop proficiency in Champlain's Global and Cultural Understanding competency. 

We feel strongly that intercultural understanding is not just important for professional success, but an essential component to being human. We've created customizable international learning opportunities specifically for DDL students, including a competitive summer internship abroad, service learning, and remote professional collaborations. Intercultural immersion is an important aspect of the Degree Design Lab, because it will engage students in experiences that highlight professionalism in a global context.  

Study abroad experiences in Dublin or Montreal are also available to DDL students.  

Shorter Excursions

Champlain regularly offers international service trips that are a fantastic way to experience another culture and make a positive difference in the world. You could spend spring break enriching your own global experience and helping others!

Our faculty-led travel courses allow you to spend a semester studying a region of the world before embarking on a one- or two-week trip there. The context of a full semester of study will give you fascinating insights during your trip.

Champlain Abroad

For further cultural immersion, Champlain Dublin and Champlain Montreal make it easy to continue your studies while living abroad for a semester or more. Tuition costs are exactly the same as for our Burlington campus (although you'll want to consider transportation, meals, and other personal costs), and internships may even be available through our connections with local employers.

Exchange and Third-Party Options

Champlain has exchange partnerships with institutions in France, Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Scotland. And if your travel inclinations are pointing you in a different direction, we'll support you in working with an approved third-party institution to go just about anywhere in the world.