Applied Mathematics Curriculum

In our Applied Mathematics curriculum, you’ll gain a strong foundation in mathematical theory and its practical applications in real life. Our Upside-Down curriculum blends conceptual knowledge with problem-solving skills, allowing you to dive into topics like data analysis & statistics, mathematical modeling & simulation, cryptography and cybersecurity, and algorithms from day one, while engaging in hands-on projects, internships, and experiential learning opportunities that will prepare you for a rewarding career in the dynamic field of mathematics and its real-world impact.

Our multidimensional approach to learning applied math:

In this program, we take a well-rounded path to learning mathematics.

First, you’ll build a strong foundation in advanced math and math theory that will serve as a basis for your future studies and career. Then you’ll have the flexibility to choose math electives that align with your interests, whether it’s statistics or other specialized areas. In addition, our applied electives allow you to apply math to real-world scenarios, tackling challenges and finding solutions in fields as diverse as the arts, business, computer science, and data science. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to explore diverse topics through general electives or even pursue a minor to further develop your expertise.

Your education will be tailored to your passions and aspirations, giving you the freedom to follow your curiosity and expand your knowledge in multiple areas.

Learning Outcomes for Applied Mathematics