Study Abroad — Applied Mathematics

Want to see the world? Why wait?

At Champlain, it's never been easier to embark on a life-changing semester (or two) in remote corners of the globe while you complete your Applied Mathematics program. All our majors are designed to accommodate a semester studying in a foreign country, and with Champlain Abroad Dublin, Champlain Abroad Montreal, exchange programs, and third-party programs, you have many opportunities to explore unique landscapes and various cultures.

In addition to taking classes and living in a new place, studying applied math abroad is an opportunity to confront your own assumptions, meet new people, embrace curiosity, and gain a richer understanding of the world by discovering what it means to see from a global perspective. Our Office of International Education will work with you to ensure all credits transfer and fulfill requirements for your major.

Our Champlain Abroad Dublin and Champlain Abroad Montreal programs allow a seamless transition because you're still studying with Champlain College. Applied Mathematics majors have an especially broad range of options, since math program requirements can be filled through so many institutions worldwide.

Champlain Abroad Dublin

Dublin, Ireland, is an active, energetic capital city with a young population and a friendly town feel. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, Dublin is a hub for global corporations as well as small startup companies. Founded in the ninth Century as a Viking settlement, Dublin is now the political, cultural, and economic center for Ireland. Students at Champlain Abroad Dublin enroll in at least 15 credits to comply with Irish Immigration.

Champlain Abroad Montreal

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Canada, Champlain Abroad Montreal gives you professional, cultural, and dynamic experiences. Explore the city by visiting some of the festivals, museums, and cultural landmarks through field trips and other guided immersion opportunities.

Exchange Programs for Applied Mathematics Majors

Champlain College's exchange programs allow Burlington undergraduate Applied Mathematics students to spend a semester immersed in another culture as they live and study at one of our exchange institutions. This is also an excellent opportunity to diversify our Burlington campus as we welcome students from our exchange partners for a semester or full academic year.

Third-Party Providers

Champlain also offers students the option to study abroad through pre-approved third-party providers. Past Champlain students who have found a program that meets both major and program requirements have studied in locations such as France, India, Sweden, Costa Rica, and Australia. 

Faculty-Led Courses

Champlain’s faculty-led travel courses change year to year. Faculty members will promote these particular offerings on campus. Many entail a semester course that spends a school break or a couple of weeks in the summer abroad. For more information, contact the Office of International Education.

Explore the Global Marketplace

More and more, "global appreciation" is a key competency for employers considering job candidates in the fields of mathematics and beyond. Champlain has taken a proactive approach to cultivating this competency by ensuring that international learning is embedded in the College's curriculum.

Living and studying in another country will make you a more culturally aware citizen and an internationally engaged and cross-culturally sensitive professional.

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Tuition covers courses, housing, access to and support from faculty and staff on-site, administrative support from Champlain College, subsidized activities, and weekend tours.

Financial Aid

Upon acceptance, you may qualify for an adjustment to your financial aid package for your semester abroad costs.

For Montreal and Dublin programs, students receive institutional financial aid. For third-party study-abroad programs, only federal aid is available, and students are required to stay enrolled at Champlain College while studying abroad.

Application Deadlines

Montreal & Dublin
Fall: March 15
Spring: October 15

Third Party
Fall: March 15
Spring: October 1


Montreal & Dublin

Third Party
Contact a Study-Abroad Advisor