Broadcast Media Production Curriculum

Our Upside-Down Curriculum is designed to build a comprehensive understanding of the production of a wide range of broadcast media, technical skills, and narrative techniques necessary for our Broadcast Media Production students to find success in the field.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including video storytelling, audio and radio production, broadcast writing, image technology, multi-cam production, show producing, social media production, and podcasting. Students gain a deep understanding of the full production process. Plus, it emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning, giving you opportunities to engage in client-based projects, internships, and experiences, like film competitions, so you can apply your technical know-how and showcase your unique style of storytelling.

Interested in studying abroad for a semester? We’ve designed the curriculum so you can take a semester studying abroad without getting behind on required courses for your major.

Learning Outcomes for Broadcast Media Production