Studying Abroad as a Game Art Major

Students in the Game Art major are encouraged to spend a semester at our campus in Montreal, Canada—one of the largest game development cities in the world. Montreal is home to a number of international game development companies, including Eidos Montreal, WB Games, Bioware, EA, and Ubisoft. Just 90 miles north of our Burlington campus, Champlain Abroad Montreal allows you to seamlessly continue your studies in Game Art while enjoying a life-changing study-abroad experience in your third year.

As a Game Art major, Champlain Abroad Montreal will allow you to:

  • Learn directly from current game-industry professionals in your classroom—they'll be your instructors.
  • Attend the Montreal International Game Summit and multiple Game Jams.
  • Attend monthly meetings of the International Game Developers Association Montreal Chapter.
  • Visit a variety of companies, from Triple A studios to startups and game incubators.
  • See for yourself why Montreal is one of UNESCO’s seven designated Cities of Design.

Summer Programs

A summer study-abroad program is another appealing option to many of our Game Art students. It can provide an extra term in which to fulfill curriculum requirements, take exciting elective courses, and fully immerse yourself in a country—and culture—you've never visited before. 

In 2019, the Freeman Foundation Grant program was expanded to include opportunities in Kyoto, Japan—home to many of the country's high-tech companies, including world-famous Nintendo.

Squiggle Line

Champlain Abroad Montreal

Immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan urban life of Montreal, Canada—one of the world's biggest tech hubs. Meet a friend for croissants, explore Old Montreal, shop underground if the weather gets rough, find inspiration in a museum; this city offers something for every interest and occasion. Though geographically close to Burlington, Montreal feels worlds away.