Continue your Game Design courses during a semester abroad.

Though Champlain's Game Design curriculum is rigorous, you can still spend a semester abroad in your third year and stay on track with your program requirements. The most popular destination among Game Design students is our Montreal campus—and it's no wonder, as Montreal is one of the biggest game and tech hubs in the world. You get to seamlessly continue your Champlain education (and visit some big-name game studios!) while you live in another country and soak up a different culture.

Summer programs are also appealing options for many of our game students. Can you picture yourself spending a summer in Tokyo, Japan, taking classes such as Japanese Pop Culture and Japanese Business & Management? A partnership with Sophia University is just one such opportunity—our Office of International Education will help you see the world.


Champlain Abroad Montreal

Immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan urban life of Montreal, Canada—one of the world's biggest tech hubs. Meet a friend for croissants, explore Old Montreal, shop underground if the weather gets rough, find inspiration in a museum; this city offers something for every interest and occasion. Though geographically close to Burlington, Montreal feels worlds away.