Division of Communication & Creative Media 
Creative Media

Explore the production of visual game assets and learn highly versatile technical skills.

The Game Media concentration appeals to a range of interests within visual arts. The courses help students develop skills by combining aesthetics and technology.

You’ll explore the process of creating visual elements and assets for game media, including concept art, two-dimensional images, three-dimensional models and textures, digital sculpture, and user interface design. With our Game Media concentration, you will develop creative confidence and build a toolbox of technical skills that can be used in a variety of career settings. Through courses in this concentration, you can:

  • Produce what will be presented in a game engine or as part of a game production pipeline.
  • Apply what you learn to other fields: film, architectural design and visualization, concept art and video, painting and drawing.
  • Use the game industry software to build your works.

Courses in the Game Media Concentration

All Creative Media students are required to select a Primary Area of Focus and a Complementary Area of Focus. Shown here is the curriculum for the 24-credit Primary Area of Focus. If you choose Game Media as a 12-credit Complementary Area of Focus, requirements will differ from those shown.

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