Division of Communication & Creative Media 
Creative Media

Become a versatile creator and push creative boundaries.

For students who live to paint, sculpt, take photographs, make prints, or engage in other forms of visual art, this concentration enables a closer connection with their craft.

You’ll have the time to focus on creating work and the encouragement to explore new directions from faculty members who are artists themselves. You will develop creative confidence and build a toolbox of design skills that can be used in a variety of career settings. Through courses in this concentration, you can:

  • Pursue your artistic vision; learn about interdisciplinary intersections with fields as varied as public discourse, politics, and accounting.
  • Develop skills used in digital arts by working with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and related software.
  • Increase your marketability through internships; you can collaborate with artists and learn through exhibiting their art.
  • You’ll finish with a well-rounded portfolio that can get you into a fulfilling career or could be a passport to an MFA program.
  • Courses toward the end of the concentration sequence will have a specific emphasis on the creative and artistic approaches to sound design.

Courses in the Visual Art & Design Concentration

All Creative Media students are required to select a Primary Area of Focus and a Complementary Area of Focus. Shown here is the curriculum for the 24-credit Primary Area of Focus. If you choose Visual Art & Design as a 12-credit Complementary Area of Focus, requirements will differ from those shown.

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