Honey products from the Champlain College Apiary

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We have a limited release of honey each year and are pleased to be able the share the sweetness of the bees' labor with you! This honey is harvested, bottled, labeled, and sold by our students and all proceeds go back to the bees. We greatly appreciate your support.

Pure Raw Honey

The honey from the Champlain College Apiary is never heated, fine-filtered, or processed in any way. It is spun from the comb, poured into jars, and is as close to the hive as liquid honey gets. It is ready to sweeten your cooking, baking, beverages, and day! Most raw honey crystallizes and ours eventually will, too. This doesn't compromise the flavor of the honey, but if you like it liquid, simply re-dissolve the crystals by bathing the jar in hot water.

Our bees live on campus and forage all over town, so you can enjoy the taste of Burlington with every spoonful!

Purchase Honey Online

Apiary products can be purchased at our sale events or delivered on campus or Lakeside only. We do not have the ability to ship orders off campus at this time.