Digital Media Partnerships

The Emergent Media Center is an academic Center of Excellence at Champlain College that, in partnership with industry, public institutions and nonprofits, creates a laboratory/studio environment in which students collaborate with each other, faculty and clients to develop new concepts, processes, uses and applications for games and other emergent media.

Whether you are an organization looking to bring an educational technology concept to life or an industry professional wishing to collaborate with a team of faculty and student developers, consider bringing your next media challenge to the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College.

These joint initiatives advance the collaborative process between academia and the industry. They encourage the possibility for industry/faculty exchanges and sabbatical experiences for both Champlain faculty and for game industry employees. They also provide the opportunity to make student connections for a company's future workforce.

Who We Work With

Champlain College's Emergent Media Center works with private companies, non-profit organizations, foundations, and entrepreneurs that are looking for emergent media and games to solve meaningful problems.


We work on grants, contracted projects and exploratory sponsorships. The length and budget of a contract depends on the project scope.

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