Kristin Wolf
Affiliated with Division - Core

Kristin Wolf is an associate professor at Champlain College, where she teaches courses about environmental ethics, science and society, globalization, and the Amazon River Basin. She also advises the Environmental Policy senior capstone projects. Kristin has recently established an apiary on Champlain's campus that facilitates experiential learning opportunities for the Champlain and wider Burlington communities and fosters environmentally-responsible entrepreneurship with its student-run honey business.

In addition to managing the apiary in the summer, Kristin also does community-driven development work in the Peruvian Amazon and is a faculty member of the Governor's Institutes of Vermont Environmental Science and Technology Summer Program, where she guides stream ecology studies.

She holds a BS in Biology with a minor in International Studies from Penn State, an MS in Environmental Science and Management from Duquesne University, and a PhD in Environmental Science and Public Policy from George Mason University.

An Object of Affection

As this tattered atlas will attest, I love road trips. This map has taken me places that could make a monotonic GPS device sing-as an active participant in the journey rather than a blind follower to the destination. It's funny how you can hit the road and get lost in some tucked away place and somehow find yourself.

Areas of Expertise

Wetland Ecology and Biogeochemistry, Apiculture, the Amazon River Basin