Internships In The Applied Mathematics Major

Use internships to create a highly marketable mathematics résumé

Imagine having the skills you need to succeed in your career long before you graduate. Hands-on learning is an essential part of the Champlain College mission, and we endeavor to make internship opportunities readily available to all undergraduate students. We strongly encourage Applied Mathematics majors to participate in at least one. In addition to building your résumé, this early experience in your field can help you confirm that you're doing what you love.

If you’re interested in a part-time internship using Applied Mathematics, our Career Collaborative offers you the support and assistance that you need to approach the process with confidence. We can help you find a paid or for-credit internship that fits your career goals.

How we prepare you to land great internships:

It takes tenacity, a solid skill set, and the right connections to land a dream mathematics internship. Fortunately, your Champlain education provides you with everything that you’ll need. Thanks to our unique approach to learning, you’ll be able to develop the necessary skills, craft a great résumé, access expert guidance, and tap into an expansive professional network.

  • Champlain College’s Upside-Down Curriculum offers a way to benefit from immersive experience in the classroom as well as hands-on learning with industry professionals from the first semester in your major. You could qualify for internships for math students before your sophomore year.
  • The professors at Champlain College double as indispensable mentors. They can guide you through your education and help you pinpoint the strategic academic and cocurricular activities that will best serve your future career in Applied Mathematics.
  • Career Collaborative is an excellent resource for sharpening your interviewing skills and tuning up your professional résumé. You'll learn how to market yourself and the unique talents that set you apart in a competitive field—ideal for landing a great undergraduate math internship and, eventually, starting a career in math.
  • When you apply for internships, your education gives you an advantage: Employers locally and nationally look to our students to fill internships because they know Champlain students are better prepared for the professional world. Many Champlain grads receive job offers from the employers who first brought them on as interns.

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