Computer Science & Innovation Internships

Students in the Computer Science & Innovation major are market-ready. This program will provide you with a great depth in the specific skills that will give you the most flexibility in this rapidly changing industry.

Gain Early Experience at Champlain College

Because you'll follow an in-depth curriculum in the Computer Science & Innovation major starting in your first semester, you'll be well qualified for internships sooner than peers from many other schools. Our Computer Science & Innovation majors are highly sought after for internships—employers know that our students are ready for real work.

Many of our students have secured internship positions at organizations such as NASA, Google, 3M, Museum of the City of New York,, and Puma. 

Other Recent Internship and Career-Relevant Work Locations for Computer Science & Innovation Majors

Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation
My Web Grocer
Cernam Ltd.