Student-Managed Investment Fund

Student Managed Investment Fund

Champlain College launched its Student-Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) to provide Finance majors with hands-on, career-relevant experiences in managing investment portfolios. 

The SMIF is comprised of a portion of the College's endowment, which is dedicated to providing these students with the opportunity to do the work they've been studying.

Under the guidance of Faculty Advisors and investment professionals, students in the Finance Capstone course work as a team to manage the fund, conduct fundamental equity analysis and research, and actively manage investments. Students conduct research in the Finance Investments Office, Champlain's computer labs, and on their own computers, using FactSet as a tool for equity analysis—the same tool used internationally for this type of work.

For the SMIF, students focus on investing in companies with favorable pricing. Finance students have invested into a variety of companies, such as American Tower, Carnival Corp., Microsoft, NVIDIA, Omnicell, Sysco, UnitedHealth Group, Visa, and more. Champlain College's SMIF has outperformed the S&P 500 since inception while maintaining relatively low risk profile.

  • To learn more, download the 2017 and 2018 investment fund reports.

What Former Participants Have to Say About the Student-Managed Investment Fund:

“It's always great when you get to apply your education to a real-life situation—and it's even more satisfying when the thing you're doing is the culmination of four years of hard work.”

“The skills that I have obtained through this Capstone class will always be present as I create and evaluate projects around the world, and as I make decisions that will serve more communities around the globe.”

“The student investment fund was my favorite project I have ever been involved in while at Champlain College, and it is a very cool experience to be involved in something so real.”

“I have enjoyed getting to know my classmates well and getting to share this learning with them. It has been a growing process for all of us, having learned from our professor and each other.”

“Overall, this class has added to the excitement and confidence I have for entering the financial industry.”

“This class has been a great way to start bridging the gap between academic and professional-level work.”