Marketing Communication Curriculum

Our Upside-Down Curriculum is designed to prepare marketing communication students like you with a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of communication methodology and business experience. It offers a combination of emerging marketing strategies, strategic communication methods, and practical skills necessary for success in the marcomm field.

Our rigorous Marketing Communication curriculum immerses you in the practical work of your profession, combining communication methodology and emerging strategies with business experience. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including the production of social media, consumer behavior, writing for public relations, analytics, and event marketing. Students gain a deep understanding of strategic communications and emerging marketing strategies. Plus, it emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning, giving you opportunities to engage in applied projects, internships, and field experiences that provide practical applications of communication and marketing tools, strategies, and methodologies.

By the end of your second year in the Marketing Communication major, you will be required to declare a minor.

Interested in studying abroad for a semester? We’ve designed the curriculum so you can take a semester studying abroad without getting behind on required courses for your major.

Learning Outcomes for Marketing Communication